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Welcome to the Spill Plug-In User Guide

The Spill plug-in is an AAX Native/DSP plug-in that allows users to adjust the individual gain of each channel in a multi-channel track in Pro Tools. From a 2-channel stereo track up to a 7.1 multi-channel track.

The Spill plug-in operates with zero latency. Click here to see DSP Usage

Quick Start Guide

  1. Install the Spill Plug-In onto your main Pro Tools computer
  2. Launch Pro Tools and open a session
  3. Insert the Spill Plug-in on a multi-channel track
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  • Installation And Setup

    The Spill Plug-In is an AAX Native/DSP Plug-in that is for use with Pro Tools only.

    1. Download the Spill Plug-In from Here
    2. Close all other running Apps on computer.
    3. Launch the Setup File and Install the Spill Plug-in in the Pro Tools plug-in folder.
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  • Activating the License for Spill

    To activate the license for the Spill Plug-in follow these steps:

    1. Launch Pro Tools
    2. Select Activate when the ilok license authorization prompt appears for the Spill Plug-in.
    3. Enter the ilok ID and password.
    4. Select the Spill license to activate it and select Next.
    5. Choose the ilok to deposit the license.

    The license will now be activated and the Spill plug-in will be available for use in Pro Tools.

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  • Using the Spill Plug-In

    Here is how to use the Spill Plug-in in Pro Tools.

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  • Using the Spill Audio Suite Plug-In

    The Spill Plug-in is also available as an Audio Suite plug-in.

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  • Using Control Surfaces With Spill

    Users are able to easily control the Spill plug-in using a control surface.

    AVID Surfaces

    Spill has been programmed to integrate well with Avid control surfaces, but it is not easy for us to test them thoroughly. Please let us know if you see any problems by contacting our support HERE.

    Spill Plug-in has custom mappings for:


    Spill supports the V-PlugIn iOS app for first-class plug-in control. V-PlugIn runs on iPhone or iPad using a wired USB connection or a WiFi connection. V-PlugIn is free download on the Apple App Store.

    Here is how to setup up the V-PlugIn Controller with the Spill Plug-in.

    1. Download and Install V-Control Pro
    2. Install the V-PlugIn iOS app from the Apple App Store
    3. Launch V-Control Pro
    4. Launch V-PlugIn from the home screen.
    5. Touch the settings gear icon and connect to the host computer running V-Control Pro.
    6. Launch Pro Tools

    V-PlugIn will now connect automatically to the Spill Plug-in.

    For more information on the V-PlugIn App click HERE.

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  • DSP Usage

    The number of instances of Spill that can fit on a single DSP chip is dependent on the number of channels the plug-in is inserted on.

    Here is the maximum number of instances for each type:

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  • Spill Plug-in Troubleshooting

    For any issues or questions regarding the Spill Plug-in, please fill out and submit a support ticket HERE

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